About us Helena River Steiner School
About us Helena River Steiner School


From little things, big things grow….the flourishing new school that is Helena River Steiner School in Midland grew from an idea that first took shape in a little parish hall in a Guildford park.

Guildford Steiner Playgroup began mid 2013. As local parents joined this new group, they discovered the value of the Steiner method in nurturing their children. In 2014 we gathered more educators and family community, formed River Blossom Education Association Inc and moved to new premises in Midland on part of the old Midland Primary School site.

In 2015 our playgroups expanded and we also ran several other educational activities, including home school workshops and curriculum support and a kindergarten program one morning a week. In 2016 we began our first mixed-age kindergarten (3-6 years) operating as an Education and Care Service. We also began the process of applying for school registration.

​In December 2016 we officially changed our name to Helena River Steiner School, and took on the lease of the property next door for our new primary class to expand into.

On the 26th June, 2018, we received non-government school registration.

We now have a thriving Parents and Friends committee, a professional Board which oversees the school’s operations, a Craft Group and a Study Group, while our play areas and grounds continue to transform into a more lush and inviting environment.

Our premises in the heart of Midland has served us well. We have spread into our surrounding community and have used the local resources and facilities well.

In November 2020, Helena River Steiner School was granted approval by the Education Minister to add a high school to our educational offering. Our pioneering year 7 and year 8 class commenced in term 1, 2021 and more year groups will be added from 2022 onwards.

We are planning for a relocation to a site nearby by December 2021, where we can continue to grow and flourish.