STRATEGIC PLAN 2020 - 2025

Our Values

Wonder - Compassion - Creativity - Authenticity - Wellness

The Helena River Steiner School provides an education of the child that engenders:

  • Wonder: We cultivate a sense of wonder and reverence in the child by encouraging the child’s innate affinity with the natural world. We stimulate curiosity and love for other beings and natural phenomenon.
  • Compassion: Our teaching staff provides an example through their actions and deeds with clear thinking, balanced emotions and unconditional love for the children, other staff, the community and nature. This assists the children to develop into confident adults who care for others.
  • Creativity: We provide a wide-ranging curriculum that includes a balance of academics and arts with physical, social and emotional development. By encouraging creativity and imagination students develop a capacity to think laterally in later life.  
  • Authenticity: We will strive to allow the child to seek and value truth, individuality, integrity and authenticity. We provide guidance on moral courage to stand up for what is good, true and beautiful.
  • Wellness: We value and foster wellness in body, soul and spirit. We do this by providing a holistic education and environment that develops the whole child.  We acknowledge and celebrate the other through collaboration, tolerance and inclusivity.