We welcome all enquiries and offer regular group tours, so we can address your specific questions and curiosities.

Once you have submitted an application form and supporting documentation, we then invite your family in for an interview with the teacher.
The purpose of the interview is for the teacher to meet you as a family, get to know your child and his/her needs and it is also a time to ask any outstanding questions you may have.

Final decisions on places available will take into account:

  • The existing class dynamic.
  • Consideration of parental support for the child’s education and behaviour.
  • A degree of understanding of and commitment to Steiner Education.

We then inform you of the outcome. If we offer you a place, you will need to sign an Acceptance of Enrolment form to complete the process.

Once this is received, you will be issued with a fee statement and payments must be made before the child commences their first day.