Helena River Steiner School follows the nationally accredited Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework which is different to the Australian Curriculum or the Western Australian Curriculum. It is a rich and inspiring exploration through time that develops a large array of skills.

The Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework was developed by Steiner education Australia (SEA) in response to the 2009 Federal Government’s proposal to create a mandatory Australian Curriculum for all schools. As Steiner education is internationally recognised, they were given the opportunity to put forward an alternate curriculum framework for recognition, in order to protect the integrity of Steiner education philosophy and pedagogy.

More information on the Steiner curriculum structure can be found here.

The documents were developed from Steiner’s indications, not only to support schools and teachers, but for submission to government authorities, mapping the mandatory content, knowledge and skills of the Australian Curriculum in a Steiner rich context for recognition.

As in the Australian Curriculum, teacher’s professional judgement with regard to a particular cohort of student needs may vary the curriculum implementation one year before or after the designated staging.