At Helena River Steiner school we strongly believe that our whole school community benefits from broad and diverse experiences. Our unique, fee-free scholarship program offers families the opportunity to engage in a holistic educational environment that encourages moral growth, social consciousness and citizenship.

Term 3 Scholarships | Primary and High School
Scholarships available include:

Visual Art | Class 4 - 10 (Download Application)
Aspiring Musician | Class 4 - 10 (Download Application)
Community Service | Class 4 - 10 (Download Application)
Living Values | Class 1 - 10 (Download Application)
COVID Recovery | Class 1 - 10 (Download Application)
Creative Leadership | Class 5 - 10 (Download Application)
Creative Writer | Class 4 - 10 (Download Application)
Environmental Service | Class 7 - 10 (Download Application)
Imaginative Kids | Kindy - Class 2 (Download Application)
Music | Class 2 - 10 (Download Application)
Uniquely You | Class 7 - 10 (Download Application)

Applications will be assessed by a Scholarship Selection Panel consisting of staff, Board members and parents.

Indigenous Scholarships
Launched in 2019, the Indigenous Scholarship program offers a fee-free Steiner education to local Aboriginal families. It was driven by the belief that the whole school community would benefit from an enhanced experience with Aboriginal culture. To date, through this program, 22 Aboriginal children have joined our school and are enjoying the benefits of small class sizes delivered in a nurturing and creative environment.