Our Anthroposophical study group is evolving. For those who wish to learn more about the philosophy that underpins Steiner education, we are looking to hold an Anthroposophical study group every Tuesday evening which is open to the public.

Anthroposophy literally means “the wisdom of man” and it examines all aspects of life and living. It encourages individuals to awaken and develop their understanding of themselves, the people around them, and all elements of the world.

Unfortunately, Peter Fern, our wise sage who has led our Anthroposophical study group on Tuesday nights for the last three years, is not able to continue facilitating.
Coming together to examine, question and reflect upon the insights provided by Rudolf Steiner on human development, health, the kingdoms of nature, planetary influences, and much more is an integral part of a Steiner community.
Just as the coronavirus pandemic forced us to strip back so much of our assumed social fabric and to consider what changes we will make when we emerge, so this end of a study group structure allows us to be open to what will be born into the new space.
We can ask ourselves: what form of spiritual study does our community need to sustain it today? What impulse is coming through? What would it look like? We, therefore, invite any parent or community member who is interested in leading or participating in a new study group -in whatever form it's calling for- to come forward.
Would a weekday morning suit better? Book study over coffee and cake? Whilst doing craft? Combined with painting? Meditation? Sound healing?
Please send any expressions of interest to Tanami at or come into the office.
We look forward to the possibilities.