Helena River Steiner School in Midland, Perth, is part of a network of Steiner schools throughout WA and Australia.

Every Steiner / Waldorf school is independently formed and operated and thoroughly unique, but part of a big and conscientious “family” dedicated to educating modern children according to the developmental and pedagogical principles described by Rudolf Steiner.

The first Steiner / Waldorf school began in Germany in 1919, with the goal of developing morally responsible, integrated individuals with a high degree of social competence and independent thinking. There are now more than 3000 independent Steiner / Waldorf schools and kindergartens worldwide. ​

Steiner education provides a curriculum which has withstood the tests of nearly a century and continues to bring children what they need, at the right time, with the right balance of arts, academics, physical and social learning.

To learn more about Steiner educational philosophy see www.steinereducation.edu.au