"Where is that book to be found in which the teacher can read what teaching is? The children themselves are this book! ...in order to read this book, we need the widest possible interest in each individual child." - Rudolf Steiner in ‘Human Values in Education’, Arnheim Lecture V

Introducing our High School

We are proud to be able to bring the eastern metropolitan region’s first Steiner High School to Midland. We currently offer an education with heart for Classes 7 to 10.


If you have a child born from 2010, you can enrol now for a gentler High School alternative.


Click here to enrol your child in a secondary education with heart.

How our High School came to be

We provide a balanced curriculum and pedagogy appropriate to the development stage and needs of the student. We educate the whole human being in thinking, feeling and willing through learning experiences. We engage the head, heart and hands, guided by a sense of goodness and truth.

As children enter their adolescence, this balance is maintained as the students look to the outer work. The curriculum continues to provide a framework for students to naturally seek a love of learning. A Steiner education builds curiosity for life and moral engagement with the world that will carry on throughout their lives. Learn more about Steiner education here.

Since the early days of Helena River Steiner School (when we started our journey as Guildford Steiner Playgroup), a Steiner High School has been part of the school community’s vision. 

For 40,000 years, Midland has been a sacred place for the Noongar Wadjuk people. Located at the confluence of the two major river systems (the Swan and Helena Rivers), the land was always a meeting place for different peoples and provided an abundance of natural resources.  

There is a rich Aboriginal history in this area. Helena River Steiner School acknowledges and respects these customs. We encourage this respect and acknowledgment in our students and teach Noongar as one of the languages other than English.