"Where is that book to be found in which the teacher can read what teaching is? The children themselves are this book! ...in order to read this book, we need the widest possible interest in each individual child."

Rudolf Steiner in ‘Human Values in Education’, Arnheim Lecture V -

Middle School starting in Term 1, 2021

We are proud to be able to bring the eastern metropolitan region’s first Steiner high school to Midland. We are inviting enrolments for year 7 in 2021 with more year groups to be added from 2022 onwards.


If you have a child born in 2008, you can enrol now for an education with heart. Read on for more information about our vision for Helena River Steiner High School and click here to meet our Middle School teacher, Robert Gillman.

A vision in the making

We aim to provide a balanced curriculum and pedagogy appropriate to the developmental stage and needs of the learner. We educate the whole human being in thinking, feeling and willing through learning experiences. We engage the head, heart and hands, guided by a sense for goodness, beauty and truth.

As children enter their adolescence, this balance is maintained as the students look to the outer work. The curriculum continues to provide a framework for students to naturally seek a love of learning. A Steiner education builds curiosity for life and moral engagement with the world that will carry on throughout their lives. Learn more about Steiner education here.

Since the early days of Helena River Steiner School (when we started our journey as Guildford Steiner Playgroup), a Steiner High School has been part of the school community’s vision. 

For 40,000 years, Midland has been a sacred place for the Noongar Wadjuk people. Located at the confluence of the two major river systems (the Swan and Helena Rivers), the land was always a meeting place for different peoples and provided an abundance of natural resources. 

There is a rich Aboriginal history in this area. Helena River Steiner School acknowledges and respects these customs.

We encourage this respect and acknowledgment in our students and teach Noongar as one of the languages other than English.

We are filled with excitement as this vision transforms to reality.

Why now? 

Helena River Steiner School has experienced significant growth. This educational philosophy is becoming increasingly popular globally. We have recognised the need, locally, to offer a Steiner High School, starting with Stage 1 (Middle School) for a Year 7 class in 2021.

Time is of the essence. Our first Helena River Steiner School students will graduate Year 6 at the end of 2020 and are seeking High School placements. 

According to Steiner Education Australia, the Federal Government's Gonski 2.0 report (p.33) placed "great emphasis on critical and creative thinking, social skills and problem-solving - capabilities which the Steiner philosophy has long since cultivated". This high school is not just for students who have had a Steiner primary education. It is all families who are wanting a more unique community experience for their child's secondary education, with a curriculum long-aimed at guiding communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity in their learning journey.

Students can often get lost in huge high schools. We offer a very relationship-based approach with a healthy balance of academic, artistic, social and physical learning, producing strong, confident and purposeful adults who are ready to contribute to the world.

Why Midland for Perth's eastern suburbs? 

We believe there is a local demand for a holistic schooling alternative to mainstream curriculum high school education. This has been a contributing motivation behind the school's decision to offer a Steiner high school servicing Midland and its satellite districts.

The school is within walking distance of Midland's major transport hub, servicing diverse industries and culture. This includes Curtin University's Midland Campus which is a 3,000sqm three-storey Health Sciences educational facility for multidisciplinary training. Further, Midland is one of the State Government's "Strategic Centres", attracting investment in community infrastructure, amenities and education.