We offer a loving, nurturing environment and a comprehensive program which nourishes and supports the healthy unfolding of our children’s faculties; head, heart and hands.

Daily story-telling develops rich literacy skills and pure imaginative capacities which are precursors to lateral thinking and problem solving skills.

Our children learn through cooking, games, verses and movement, gardening, painting, building, crafts and self-directed play. Foundational literacy and numeracy skills are embedded in all our activities.

Working with daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms enables children to understand their environment and be sensitive to the world around them. Strong and healthy rhythms and routine develop balance, focus and security for the child.

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Primary School

The primary years in a Steiner school are a shared journey. Children keep the same teacher from Class 1–6 so as to develop a strong and caring relationship and build upon each child’s known strengths every year.

The curriculum is based on the developmental needs and stages of the child year by year, so that the right topics are brought at the right time to fully engage the curiosity and striving of the child. Steiner/Waldorf education is inherently steeped in the Arts, so that children often learn their core subjects through the artistic mediums of music, painting, crafts, woodwork and drama. Classes are small and children develop a sense of community service which starts with the care of their own school environment and works its way through to their place in the wider world

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