STRATEGIC PLAN 2018 - 2022

Our Values

Wonder Morality Creativity Authenticity Wellness

The Helena River Steiner School provides an education of the child that engenders:

  • Wonder: we value a healthy childhood full of wonder and reverence that provides the foundation for a well-balanced, healthy and successful life. We encourage the child’s innate affinity with, and marvel of, the natural worlds and the limitless capacity of the human being. We aim for the school years to be full of joy and continuing curiosity, free from the external pressures of society, in order that children may develop as unique individuals who in adulthood have the knowledge, confidence and drive to choose their own destiny.
  • Morality: we strive to provide a school culture that demonstrates and upholds the value, rights and individuality of all people, that protects and enlivens the natural world and that protects the kingdom of childhood and keeps children safe. We aim to provide a teaching staff who through their actions and deeds provide positive examples to the children in clear thinking, balanced emotions, resilient will and enduring compassion, assisting them to develop into adults who will have the confidence and strength to meet the challenges of life with firmly based sense of morality.
  • Creativity: we value an education that fosters creativity in all facets of the child’s life and are committed to providing a wide-ranging curriculum which includes a balance of academics, arts, and physical, social and emotional development. By teaching through the arts, students develop a love for their subject and by encouraging creativity and imagination, students develop a capacity to think laterally in later life. As part of the development of creativity the child will be mentored in the art of listening and observation.
  • Authenticity: we will strive to allow the child to value truth, individuality and authenticity and provide the guidance on moral courage to stand up for what is true and right.
  • Wellness: we value mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and aim to promote this by providing a holistic education that considers and develops the whole child, and by working in harmony with the natural world. We acknowledge and celebrate our interconnectedness and dependence on one-another, and seek to foster collaboration, tolerance and inclusivity.

Strategic Goals


To deliver quality Steiner-based, child-centred education with a developmentally appropriate curriculum to the children of the Swan shire and environs up to Year 6.


  1. Develop excellence in delivering Steiner-based education which is aligned with the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework while meeting the guidelines of the West Australian Education Department by:
    a. Ensuring recruitment and training of quality Steiner teachers who are dedicated to their task.
    b. Ensuring that a well-balanced, creatively-focused curriculum is provided which ensures a sound grounding in all facets of education including language, culture, analytics, drama, arts, music and sport.
    c. Continually reviewing and developing the curriculum and related policies.
  2. Ensure teachers are supported in personal growth and professional development by:
    a. Annual monitoring and review of staff satisfaction and professional development needs and requirements.
    b. Providing on-going opportunities for high-quality professional development


To relocate the School to a place which provides security of tenure for the school to develop and thrive:


  1. Identifying a suitably sized property in the Midland/Swan Valley area which will cater for the School’s current and future development needs.
  2. Preparing and implementing a major Capital Fundraising Campaign to secure the capital and operating funds required to secure the property and build Phase I of the School at its new location.
  3. Creating a Project Management Team that will oversee the relocation of the School. The focus will be on using sustainability principles to develop a nature-based environment which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Continually develop facilities and services