Study Group

For those who wish to learn more about the philosophy that underpins Steiner education, we hold an Anthroposophical study group every Tuesday evening which is open to the public.

Anthroposophy literally means “the wisdom of man” and it examines all aspect of life and living. It encourages individuals to awaken and develop their understanding of themselves, the people around them, and all elements of the world.

From Anthroposophy the following movements emerged: Steiner/Waldorf education, special needs centres (such as the Camphill developments), biodynamic agriculture, Anthroposophical medicine (including the Weleda homeopathic products), and the fully democratic threefold social order model, including an ethical economy.

When: Tuesday evenings 6.30 -7.45 pm
Where: In the Office Building, 35 Spring Park Road, Midland.