Helena River Steiner School

Helena River Steiner School is a new Steiner school in the heart of Midland, the city centre of the City of Swan. The location reflects the school’s strong desire to make Steiner education widely accessible to everyone.

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Our highest value is connection.

Connection to the uniqueness of each student is deeply rooted in Waldorf education and we are committed to delivering a superior educational philosophy in a modern context. We strive to enrich our students lives with the time tested teachings of Rudolf Steiner, married with the flexibility and fluidity of our time.

Helena River Steiner School’s logo represents the beautiful Helena and Swan rivers that surround us, and the majestic gum blossoms that are so much a part of our landscape. Sustainability and a reverence for our environment is a key value for the school; just as the mother nourishes her child, so the earth nourishes us.

Our curriculum is designed to go beyond academics, supporting students to find the nourishment that comes from a connection to the self, a connection to community and a connection to their environment.